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Nettlinx is an Internet Infrastructure initiative of the Nettlinx Group. The company started its ISP operations in the year 1999 and has been catering to the networking requirements of the domestic enterprise market since then. It has a Class B license to operate as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), ITSP and Call Centre (OSP) Services Provider. Nettlinx offers state-of-the-art Managed Network Services to enterprises across Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. Nettlinx operates through a direct presence in 93+ locations. It has proved to be one of the best ISPs in providing fully converged network platform (Data, Voice and Video application support) to Enterprises across Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.

Partnering with National Telcos , We provide state-of-the-art products and solutions for network requirements of organizations. Nettlinx`s presence and experience in the field of Internet related services offers our esteemed clients a high degree of satisfaction.

Nettlinx operates through a network built on world class technology and unparallel infrastructure. The fully redundant, carrier agnostic backbone architecture enables us to deliver high network uptimes and network availability to our customers. Each of the Nettlinx POPs are equipped to provide all the latest WAN protocols.

Nettlinx offers a complete range of network solutions like Internet, Network Management Services, Data Centre and Co-location Services and Enterprise Mailing Solutions etc. With a proven record of offering robust network connectivity solutions , fully redundant, the company has created a reliable network infrastructure which is trusted by customers for supporting various applications. With years of experience and a long list of satisfied customer base, the company is set to surge new heights emerging as a premier ISP in the market.

Our connectivity services have been fulfilling the need to run applications like Live Video Streaming, Mailing, Web services etc across multi-location enterprises in various segments like Print & Electronic Media, Financial Institutes, Manufacturing Units , Healthcare & Hotel industry

Nettlinx in Comparison to the Telecom Companies

The Multi Homing Network from Nettlinx enables us to provide the following differentiators:

Nettlinx is a company that is carrier, vendor and access-agnostic .

  • Nettlinx will procure the bandwidth (Backbone and Last Mile), equipment and other requirements from any telecom provider best suited to its client needs and overlay this network with its solutions.
  • The telecom service providers usually rely on their own network, they cannot easily move to the least congested routes, or the best available rates; that is why companies such as ours would be much more efficient.
  • When it really comes to executing the telecom companies have a hard time implementing , largely because they use their own networks.
  • Nettlinx delivery model is based on utilizing the bandwidth capacities from multiple providers like Telecom carriers and Utility companies. Nettlinx then builds solutions and other value-added services around the basic bandwidth model utilizing its experience.

Nettlinx offers a complete range of networking services & solutions like:

» Internet Bandwidth Services
» Managed Data Centre
» Co-location Services
» Managed Data Centre Services
» Managed Network Services
» Wireless Broadband Services

Nettlinx's Service Portfolio

» Connectivity/Bandwidth Services
» Value Added Services
» Managed Internet Services - Wireless and Wire-line
» Data, Voice and Video Applications: Managed Network Services
» Managed Collocation Services
» Network Consultancy
» Managed Messaging Services
» Network Management Services
» Facility Management

Headquartered in Hyderabad with presence in 93 + locations in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, India with data center located in Hyderabad.
Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Nellore, Kurnool and all other Districts of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh State.

Internet Bandwidth Services (1:1 Dedicated premium Internet Access):

This service has been primarily designed as a high quality, cost-effective Bandwidth solution catering to the end user's critical requirements demanding High Service levels. The service comes associated with the following features:

Network Uptime and Availability:
Redundancy is built in at every point within the Network through multiple carriers and gateways. Our POPs have been designed to provide redundant configuration with auto fail-over switches. Multiple gateway redundancy also allows us to offer high network uptime and availability to our customers.

Network Reliability:
- Fully meshed domestic DS3/STM1 backbone for multiple gateway access.
- Strong presence in strategic locations across the Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.
- Core POPs interconnected through multiple DS3 links and powered by Cisco Gigabit Routers.
- Network infrastructure build on word class technologies from Cisco and Sun micro systems.

Highly Robust Gateway Equipment Installed in the network:
NETTLINX provides a robust Gateway architecture with multiple arrangements with backbone providers. The core network is equipped through a combination of high-end Cisco gigabit routers and switches in a redundant mode, increasing the reliability and scalability of the network.

Scalability The uniqueness of the dedicated solution from NETTLINX is the access provisioning through multiple carriers. The bandwidth can be scaled by the multiples of 64 kbps.

Network Redundancy We operate through a carrier agnostic network. Connectivity from multiple backbone providers ensure redundancy at the last mile and arrangements with multiple Internet Gateway providers like Bharthi, Reliance, Tata etc.,.

Last Mile Agnostic:
NETTLINX offers flexible last mile connectivity options on wireless or wire line last mile connectivity. The Wireless broadband last mile connectivity is owned and operated by Nettlinx. We operate under licensed frequency band in 2.7 GHz. Extremely high network uptime can be offered over wireless last mile as it is immune to most of the problems. Leased line connections can be procured through multiple routes, which provide redundancy and increases reliability of last mile connections. Strong after sales support Round the clock customer support services through 24X7X365 customer helpdesk and Network Operation Centre (NOC) at head office in Hyderabad. Trained, Cisco certified professionals are working at each POP to cater to the customer's requirements locally in minimum lead time.

Bandwidth Delivery Assurances:
Scalability Choice of Trans - Atlantic and Trans - Pacific Routes Network Uptime Multiple Peering Arrangement Faster deployment with hassle free installations and configuration Domestic Redundancy Redundancies to be built into the network Robust Infrastructure Cost efficiencies associated with Network expansion Committed service Bandwidth provision in an unpredictable bandwidth environment Disaster Recovery Throughput reliabilities and commitments (defined QoS) Quick Restorability

24*7 Customer Support:
Network uptime and QoS committed
Fault reporting procedures

Wireless Broadband Services:
Nettlinx provides wireless last mile access for its Internet services. The last mile is used for extending the connectivity from Nettlinx 's Point of Presence from its POPs across Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. The provisioning of this last mile is done through NETTLINX 's Wireless Broadband (WBB) base stations located at each POP, which connect to the CPE installed at the customer premises. The CPE is a radio modem given to the customer on a "right to use' model under wireless broadband services. At customer end following components complete the Wireless link - Directional antennae, Mast, Cable, Transceiver, Indoor Radio modem (CPE). At our POP end the similar setup is there along with indoor point-to-multipoint BTS with sectoral antennae.

Scalability :
Nettlinx wireless last mile connectivity can allow a customer to increase bandwidth from 2 Mbps to high capacity links of up to 45 Mbps.

Physical Security:
WBB is immune to most of the physical threats, which are unavoidable in terrestrial last mile media.

Ease of Procurement:
As compared to other terrestrial last mile media, WBB is a one stop solution.

High Uptime:
Wireless access at the last mile guarantees an uptime of 99.99%.

As compared to terrestrial last mile media, WBB saves costs up to 65%, and delivers a faster ROI (Return on Investment).

Quick Deployment WBB offers ease of deployment in terms of simplicity and time taken for implementation. Ownership/Control - WBB Access gives the customer and the service provider, freedom from dependence on the third party for last mile media.


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